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Fitness Videos

Videos on a click just sign up and have an effective workout whenever you want to do no specific time requirement

Diet plans

Get access to diet plans made by our dietician.Plans made according to your fitness level.You can have a personal conversation with our dietician too.Diets for both vegetarians and non vegetarians.

Transformation Plan

Effective and affordable fitness program according to your goal of fitness either be weight loss or weight gain

Progress Card

You can mark your workout details here and maintain a chart of your increasing fitness level using calendar.


Yoga is a discipline originated in ancient India.It also helps to enhance your fitness.Click here for yoga exercises

Fitness Tips

There are many myths inherited in us from our elders that you need to breakthrough and replace with the real facts.

Nutritional values of food

Click here to know the nutritional values of the food from which you can determine the food which you eat is healthier to what extent.

BMI Calculator

Click here to calculate your body mass index through which you can know your fitness level.

Nutrients required

Click here to calculate your protein, calorie, carbs. and fats per day.

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No time boundation

Do workout according to your time no strict timings and no need to compromise with your ongoing work

Meal plans

Meal plans are also provided which one should follow for his/her fitness.We also provide knowledge of supplements and quantity to be taken

Workout flexibility

Workout can be equipment based or non-equipment based according to your choice

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Now you can achieve your fitness goals on the move.Discover our offerings,recommendations and so much more on android app.

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