BMI stands for Body Mass Index.It is a measure which compares a person's height and weight that applies to both men and women.It does not actually measure the percentage of body fat.It is only used to estimate a healthy body weight based on a person's height.

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The BMI statistical categories below are based on BMI scores and apply to adults age 20 years and above.The World Health Organisation (WHO) regards a healthy adult BMI to be between 18.5 to 25.The following are the BMI categorizations:

BMI BMI Category
Less than 15 Very severely underweight
Between 15 and 16 Severely underweight
Between 16 and 18.5 Underweight
Between 18.5 and 25 Normal(healthy weight)
Between 25 and 30 Overweight
Between 30 and 35 Moderately obese
Between 35 and 40 Severely obese
Over 40 Very severely obese

Note that the results given by the interactive BMI formula should be used only as a guide and should not replace medical advice.
BMI measurements provide the results that are too general and do not consider the gender,build,age or ethnicity of a person.For example, professional athletes are often considered overweight or obese when using BMI measurements due to their muscle content ,which weighs more than fat.
Similarly as people age their bone density decreases.So although they may seem to have a weight within the normal BMI range, their measurements actually needs to be scaled down to reflect this.

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